Grant Program

The MTA Foundation’s grant program focuses on developing large-scale programs, for requests over $5,000, that will help prepare individuals with the technical skills essential to thrive and grow in the economy of the future. Emphasizing the potential of emerging technological minds will bolster technological growth and strengthen relationships between various schools, businesses, organizations and individuals within the communities that MTA serves.

Grant Request Process

The MTA Foundation’s Mission is to promote technology awareness, economic development and enhance entrepreneurship through education and other activities in the MTA service area.

The MTA Foundation Board will award grants that will further this mission. Organizations that are interested in securing these grants should provide a grant request, comprised of the information outlined below:


Step 1 Proposal Summary

  1. State the objective of the program or project; how much is being requested; and what it will be used for.
  2. How does this grant further the MTA Foundation Mission?


Step 2 Describe the Program or Project

  1. When and where will the program or project take place?
  2. How many people, in the MTA service area, will be impacted by this grant?
  3. What other funding will be utilized?


Step 3 Provide Background Information for your Organization

  1. What type of organization is it?
  2. How long has it been in business?
  3. Contact information

Step 4 SUBMIT YOUR GRANT PROPOSAL TO: and or contact them if you have questions.